Cel Skeggs
import human.Human;

// TODO: add projects
Human eliSkeggs = new Human(
  name: 'Eli Skeggs',
  blog: 'blog.eliskeggs.com',
  // email concealed to reduce spam
  email: 'me@thisdomain',
  github: 'skeggse',
  stackOverflow: 'skeggse',

  work: [

    'Moovel (formerly GlobeSherpa)',

  linkedIn: 'skeggse',
  occupation: 'Software Engineer',
  education: [{
    institution: 'WPI',
    degree: 'B.S. Computer Science',

  interests: [
    'data model design',
    'technical theater',
    'ultimate frisbee',

  contacts: [
    Human.identify('Pete Skeggs'),

// PGP Keys:
// - BD3E 9D23 E978 0F76 F3EB  860C A93D 3751 BDC6 0C1D (current)
// - 3754 051A 7F17 3E73 7CD2  E9FF 66FD 1B30 8DBC C990 (phase-out)

// License: the MIT license
// Copyright © 2014-2020 Eli Skeggs